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RYN Ventures, LLC specializes in Drupal-based content management systems, Asset tracking and logistics software solutions, e-commerce platforms, database management solutions for enterprise. In addition, RYN Ventures oversees a variety of affiliated companies.

Buy USA Quality (BUSAQ)

  • BUSAQ expedites online purchases for consumers who wish to purchase items from websites that do not have delivery service to Ghana. Through BUSAQ, Ghanaian consumers can have products shipped to them securely and economically.
  • BUSAQ also provides pickup and shipping service for people in the USA who wish to send packages to Ghana.


New Africa Software Solutions (NASS)

  • Based in Accra, Ghana, NASS provides third-party and custom software solutions to public, private, and government agencies in Ghana.
  • Some NASS projects include Ghana Campus Network, an online transcript procurement service and notice board for college students in Ghana, and NoWahala Forms, a forms procurement and processing system (currently under development).

Neesim Solutions

  • This patient health record collection and management system provides small medical practices with the tool they need to fully and efficiently comply with mandated government standards for meaningful use of electronic health records. (Currently in development, Neesim Solutions will initially be released with an open source license.)